Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Disneyland FIRSTS!!

AUBREY'S FIRST TIME to Disneyland! Mickey and his gang had heard she was coming so they included some autographed pictures. So cute! Austin's FIRST mohawk
Aubrey Rose's FIRST car she drove...can you tell she was beaming?!! :)
Our first DOUBLE stroller experience...LOVE that thing! FIRST bureau hat FIRST high chair! HA!!! Didn't last long!
FIRST Shirley Temple drink. She said, "This is yummmmmmmy!!!" Yeah, no kidding right?! HA!! She sure is lucky her Mimi and Big Papa love her sooooo much! FIRST Minnie ears...of course they had to be PINK!
FIRST character she saw. Her reaction when she saw Minnie was probably my favorite memory of the weekend. Priceless!!! FIRST Princess she saw. Aubrey Rose was speechless! Ariel asked her if Ursula took her voice away too. HA! FIRST time we had been with someone at Disneyland for their birthday. The employees are trained to look for birthday pins that you wear. EVERY employee we came even close to would say, "Happy Birthday Linda!" It was so fun! (The hat was just for some picture fun, but you can see her birthday pin she wore.)