Monday, June 20, 2011

Her favorite things about Disneyland

Aubrey Rose LOVED so much about Disneyland.
She loved seeing the Castle.
She loved the rides at Disneyland.
She loved the parade. (Even though she missed some of it since she had to go to the restroom. Perfect timing, right?!!)
She also loved seeing the Disney characters.
Key word: SEEING
She was so excited to see the characters, then she would meet them and she got as shy as I have ever seen her. Speechless. Absolutely speechless.

Her first character she saw was Minnie Mouse. When she turned that corner at ToonTown and saw her across the way...

she started SPRINTING...and yelling, "MINNNNNNIEEE!!!!"
Then, she got to her and she froze. Absolutely froze.
Good thing Minnie is so great. She got a big hug from her!

And Austin got some love too.

We also met Mickey...



Donald Duck...Chip...
and Dale

Mr. Incredible... Winnie the Pooh (The line was too long for us to wait. This was as good as it got! HA!)
Alice wrote, "To the girl with the sparkly bow."


Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!!


She loved seeing all the characters, BUT her favorite part BY FAR were the princesses.

If you ask her what was her favorite thing about Disneyland, I am pretty sure she would answer "The princesses."

She met Ariel...

Sleeping Beauty...

Snow White...

and Belle.

She was absolutely beaming in excitement!

She got all of their signatures.

She loved her Disney autograph book so much... she even fell asleep with it in her hands.