Saturday, July 20, 2013

Peach Party

It was time for one of our favorite summer highlights!  We got new shirts again for The Peach Tree...KEEP CALM and EAT A PEACH.  They turned out so cute!
Our favorite Mimi and Auntie BB!

These are some of my favorite girls EVER.
Loved seeing you B&C out there at the Peach Party!
These are my cousins kiddos with our kiddos.  
Our older two have had an adorable bond that goes way back to when they were babies.

Now our little ones melt our hearts in a whole new way.
They are the cutest!
 One of our favorite babysitters, Miss Julie!

Ice cream with some of our sweetest friends.
I can't get enough of these 3 girls together.  Love them!
Our cutie patootie loved his snow cone a little too much!  HA!