Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun Friend Time!

What a week it has been!! Blake and I enjoy being busy. When we have a free evening we often try to fill it and we usually like to fill it with friends and family. Friends and family make this world even sweeter. This week not only were we busy in the evenings, but Aubrey Rose and I were so, so busy with such fun things during the days as well! I have so much to catch up on with our blog. So here goes…first I will start with Tuesday night. We had an EXCELLENT BBQ at G&A's house. We can not thank them enough for hosting and for constantly making us feel like family. There is nothing like being friends with people who feel like family. We love all of you guys!

Such sweet friends...Katie, Christina, myself and Ashley

Swim time with Blake, Taylor, Yale, Garrett, Aubrey Rose and Blake.

Dinner time at their adorable kids picnic table
These three were so stinkin cute together. We can't wait until Logan and Peyton can play with us too!
The car was DEFINITELY a hit. And of course if one wants it, the others want to drive it too. Yale was such a wonderful friend to push Aubrey Rose around the yard. Thanks everyone for making life even sweeter.