Saturday, July 25, 2009

Island Waterpark

On Thursday Aubrey Rose and I experienced one of our favorite afternoons. To be honest, I knew we would have a wonderful time because of the company we were with, but I didn't have too high of expectations…just fun. I was pleasantly surprised with the park, with the slides, how much the little ones would love the waves in the wave pool, all of the covered picnic tables, the beach area, play structures, all of it! And we didn’t even get to experience the BIG slides! We will have to wait for daddy sometime to do those. :) The little ones loved every second of it, which in turn makes our day so much fun. We highly recommend going to the Island!

The kids LOVED playing around all of the water fountains
The pail at the very top fills up with water and then tips over and splashes ALL over the place every few minutes.

There were small sides...
There were BIG slides...and, of course, our big girl Taylor went down all by herself!

Even us girls loved the water slides!

Aubrey Rose, Taylor and Yale

We were about two streets away and I turned back and found this....

By the way, if you are interested in going to the Island Waterpark…which we HIGHLY recommend…buy your tickets at Costco. They sell tickets for $17 (regularly $24.99 at the park) and the ticket from Costco includes a combo meal!! You have the choice of a hamburger or a hot dog meal. It comes with fries and a drink too! I thought it was an awesome deal for $17 a full day at the park and lunch. Well worth every penny!


Kylie said...

That looks like so much fun! I think we are due for a visit :)