Saturday, July 25, 2009

Horsin' Around

Wednesday night was family night with the Smittcamp’s. We went out for sushi and then we got a call from Blake and Christina to see if it would suit to come out to the house to show Yale the horses. OF COURSE!! We spread the invite to Garrett and Ashley and all of a sudden the house felt full and we loved it! Ever since last week, while being in Salinas at Blair’s Rodeo event, Aubrey Rose has been a HUGE fan of horses. Everything about horses she is fan of. “Neigh, neigh, neigh” she says. What we didn’t expect for this evening, was the most amazing sunset God provided. It was so, so beautiful.

Aubrey Rose even got to ride bareback!
I love this picture. Aubrey Rose is clapping, Auntie B. is being the wonderful auntie she always is and then the sunset....breathtaking!

Blake and Christina with their nephew, Yale and niece Taylor.

Aubrey Rose and Taylor are LOVE being around each other. They are constantly giving each other hugs and they love to play together. This picture makes me smile. Both of them were reaching out to each other. They are so precious. Garrett and Ashley and their girls...Peyton and Taylor.