Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

We had such a wonderful 4th of July! We had friends over to our house for a barbeque and to swim. It was such a blast! We are so blessed with such wonderful friends. It was just an easy, low key, relaxed, fun time together. Then, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Smittcamps to watch the BIG fireworks. Our little sunshine is getting way too big, too fast. She loved the fireworks. She sat in daddy's lap soaking it all up. Holidays are so much fun celebrating with family and friends...okay I will be honest, we think any day is so much fun being with family and friends!

The group shot
Myself, Aubrey Rose and Blake
Fun in the Sun

More fun in the sun

Blake and Christina

The guys got crazy in a fun basketball game. They had the best time while us girls were trying to keep our hair dry. :) We still had the whole night ahead of us we had to stay somewhat presentable! The guys were good to us, trying not to splash us too much. The kids had an awesome time in the pool and us girls just relaxed and enjoyed fun family and friend time. What an enjoyable day!

My sister, Christy, her husband, Aaron (on the right), Aaron's sister Lisa and her 5 year old son Michael. Michael is the best entertainment. He cracks me up with the things he says. Thanks for the laughs Michael and Lisa it was such a joy to be with you again. It had been way too long!

Jo-Linda, Dempsey, myself, Aubrey Rose and Katie and Avery
Katie and her girls...Grace and Avery

All of our kiddos!! It is such a blessing and so fun having kids all within just a few years of each other.

We were so glad these three could join the BBQ too! Bill, Linda, Blair and us. We missed you Bradley! (He was soaking up the sun in San Diego.)

We even got to ride Grandpa and Grandma's carousel!!

Aubrey Rose LOVED it!
Logan, Travis, Grace and Dave

Lisa and Michael having the best time!

Auntie Christy is so good to Aubrey Rose. Love you Christy!!

I am so, so happy and proud that she claims me as her mommy!
Mimi, Auntie B and Aubrey Rose...I love seeing these three together.

Kind of hard to see everyone in this picture, but this was our fun crew we were blessed to be with for the evening. Thanks to all of you for making it such a sweet, relaxing, and comfortable time together. You all are such dear friends to us. We can not imagine life without wonderful friends like we have! We already can't wait for next July 4th! We absolutely LOVE our sweet tradition!