Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peach Party at the Farmer's Market!

On Friday night we had a Peach Party at the Farmer's Market in downtown Clovis. This is an annual event for Wawona and the Smittcamp Family. Wawona sets up a booth at the Farmer's Market and we give out a lot (and sell a little) of peaches. It was so fun how many friends we got to see that evening....B&C, Alfaro's, Scalzo's, DeManby's, Love's, Garud's, Farmer's, Julie Shute, VanAlsburgs, Higton's, my parents...I know I am missing people. (Sorry the evening is a little of a whirlwind.) It was a wonderful night. A little hot, but so fun. It was fun having Aubrey Rose out there too. Not that she stayed in the booth at all! The booth right next to ours was a clown's booth. They had bubbles that Aubrey played and played with all night. So now Aubrey has a new word! Bubble!! It is pretty cute when she says it. She gets so excited when she sees bubbles. Here is a fun picture of the family...

Aubrey Rose got a peach tattoo! Peaches for LIFE baby!
Aubrey Rose was not so sure of all of this, but in the end she loved it. She would look at it and then would give that shocked OOOOOOO face that melts my heart!