Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

This was such a different Christmas for us.  Our agenda was a little more mellow.  For Christmas we usually go from home to home with at least four stops and three outfit changes.  This year we spent Christmas at Blake's parents home and then we my parents home, wearing the same thing ALL day.  One of the other differences from years prior is we have a little girl who understands.  She is almost 4 years old now.  New traditions were made and it was adorable to watch her eyes light up every step of the way.
First we started at home...
 Even Mommy and Daddy got to open a present!  Aubrey Rose made all of these at preschool for us.  The teacher wrapped it up so cute and we got to open all her pretty work.  :)

 Then, we went over to Mimi and Big Papa's house.  After a couple bites of Sticky Buns and fresh squeezed orange juice we got to check out the Christmas excitement.
 Big Papa made a fridge to match Aubrey Rose's kitchen he made last year for Christmas.
It came fully stocked with Wawona Frozen Fruit!!
Aubrey Rose and Austin got the cutest cowgirl and cowboy sleeping bags.  So cute!
Presents, presents everywhere!

Then, we went over to my parents house...
What a fun Christmas it was.  We praise the Lord for so many blessings.  God sure is, tomorrow and always.