Friday, January 6, 2012

Penner family Christmas

The day after Christmas we continued the fun with my extended family.  I promise there were a ton more people than I proof of here, but at least I have some of the fun memories documented!
My sweet cousin Chelsey and Austin
The twins (almost) Austin and my cousin Jeremy
Here are our little cousins at Christmas 2010...
Look at little Jedidiah in the red elf hat!  He was so tiny!
Now in 2011, here they are youngest to oldest.  Jed now is no longer the baby, he is older than Austin and Symphony!  Crazy!  Time flies.

Sweet, little Symphony
 What started with Jesse taking his little boy for a ride,
 Ended with Austin on top, Christopher and Aubrey Rose on the sides, riding all around the house!  HA!
We made our Oma's Zweibach (bread rolls).  I am so glad you know how to make them now Mom!  :)
 This is our life these days.  There is always someone needing our attention.  Ever feel that way too?  :)
 Chelsey and Jon look like a couple.  They are not.  HA!  They are definitely cousins.  :)
Two years in row, Jeremy scored on the pirate ship.  Too bad there was not gold in it!! 
At least there were smiles later.  :)
Speaking of smiles, I LOVE seeing my dad smile.  And a BIG smile at that.
Wish I had more pictures, but at least we have these!