Friday, January 21, 2011

The fun continues...

The day after Christmas was a complete Penner family day. It just worked out that way. We had breakfast and lunch at my parents house, went home for a little nap and returned about 4ish for our Penner extended family get together. LOVE family time!! LOVE any reason to get together!

Jed was quite the popular little guy!

After breakfast and a devotional Opa had prepared, it was time for a little gift giving.

Jesse and Allie gave us personalized notecards. They are adorable!
Here is a closer look of the notecards. Such a creative gift!
Jed's new shirt. "I am a Jedi Knight!" LOVE it!!

Then, dinner time we got together with the Penner extended family. Here are my cousins...well half of them are my cousins, the others I call cousins because we are sooooooooo incredibly blessed with the husbands and wives God has chosen for us. If by chance you don't have fun at your family get togethers, come on over to ours. Guaranteed laughs all night! The combination of personalities is absolutely hilarious. God is good!
And the family continues to grow! These are the babies...
I am sure you recognize this little boy. Look at what my cousin Andrea created for our letter days!!! Matching, personalized aprons with the letters of the alphabet across the bottom. ADORABLE!!
I can't believe we have a kid table now.
Luke and Becca
Auntie Christy and Aubrey Rose
David and Jon (both cousins of mine and they are twins!) and my brother
Blake sampling his yummy appetizer HE made! You are the best Blake!
Ummm, yeah, crazy brothers on cue the second I asked to take a picture of them.
Arris and Jadon
Allie and Andrea
She is so incredibly proud and sweet to her little cousin Jed.
Let the fun begin with the gift exchange
Look who took home gold!

Such a wonderful time together!