Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter I

I am quite behind here. We are actually on L already. So I will be playing a little catch up here.
We began our Letter I day making ICE. (We actually made a replica just in case the ice did not solidfy in time.)
Pouring the water in and then we put it in the freezer...
Next task, we made some ICE CREAM! Pouring the heavy whipping cream in...
Adding sugar...
All yummy ice cream has even more sugar...
Adding vanilla...
Putting the ice cream maker all together...
Adding ice and of course some sampling was necessary...and then the waiting game until the ice cream was complete.
In the meantime, we learned about INSECTS!!!

Then we went to go INVESTIGATE for INSECTS.
No success, but the walk was nice!
Then, to In-N-Out for lunch!! YUMMY!!

Then, came back home to our even yummier ICE CREAM!!!
Lots of sampling!

While they were eating their ice cream, we pulled out the ice cubes. Their amazement shocked us. They were completely shocked at what happened to the water.
It was so cute watching their expressions when they touched the frozen, solid ice cubes.
Just wait till the Letter J. Some of my favorite pictures and memories to come!