Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas day...

I realize I am posting all of these Christmas memories WAY late. Sorry!! My goal is to make a book out of my blog and I have found this is the easiest place for me to document the sweet memories. Therefore, I press on. :)

The 2010 Christmas memories are wonderful. Thank goodness for pictures!

First, a look back to reminisce how fast the years have flown by. I can't believe I have THREE pictures now to compare the growth of Aubrey Rose! The days may feel long at times but the years sure fly by!



Christmas morning 2010 began early...dressed and ready at my parents house by 8am.
Laughing, loving family time,
opening a couple of gifts (including a Pink Brella),
Loving baby Jed on his 1st Christmas,
celebrating Jesus' birthday,
relaxing, sharing, and laughing some more.

Aubrey Rose got to open the next gift for her and Jedidiah. They get to share this. Hopefully Aubrey will not have it too worked in by the time he can take advantage of it!
Uncle Aaron was so sweet to build it for her.
Daddy made her drive REALLY fast

Jed's 1st Christmas
Christmas continued...
About 9:30 we were at Mimi and Big Papa's house...
enjoying sweet family time,
fresh squeezed orange juice,
amazing stockings,
opening wonderful gifts,
boxes and wrapping paper everywhere,
tons of excitement and expressions from Aubrey Rose,
enjoying the cutest little kitchen in the world,
loving being together.

A princess camera! No one could have guessed how big of a hit this gift would be for her!

She loved it! Finally her very own! And it compliments you when you take a picture! "You're as pretty as a princess."

Auntie Blair got her a jewelry organizer.

Huge fan of that too!

Daddy got a new pair of ski goggles! I think he wore them for like an hour after he opened them. :)

Thank you Mimi for all the sweet gifts and for loving me so much. You are the best!

A cooking set and tea set!!!

The BIG kitchen reveal... NO way!
You are the best BIG PAPA!!
As if all of that was not enough, Paco stopped by and brought Aubrey Rose...
her own baby and all the necessities. So sweet!

Around 11ish, Linda's side of the family arrive...
celebrating with grandparents, uncles, aunt and cousin,
opening gifts,
more wrapping paper everywhere,
lots of thank you's, oooo's and aaaahhhh's,
excitement from Aubrey Rose,
sharing stories,
catching up,
more family memories together
and, of course, an amazingly, delicious lunch.

MomMom, Mimi and Aubrey Rose

Blake and his wonderful mom

The three of us.

Then, around 5pm, we celebrated at Blake's grandparents house...
Absolutely delicious dinner,
Extended family time,
Adorable kids to be entertained by,
Wonderful cousins,
More, fun pictures and sweet memories,
Relaxing time together.

If you thought Big Papa was talented in making the kitchen for Aubrey Rose, check out Mimi's work!!! She made Aubrey's Christmas dress!!!!

And her red jacket!!! AMAZING!!
So blessed to be a part of this family.
Bradley, Blair, Aubrey Rose, Blake and myself
Clean up time!
Donnelly's and us
Katie, Jessica, myself and Blair
Mimi and Aubrey Rose
Love him.
Jack's silly bands were quite popular!
Mylee and Aubrey Rose
Cousin time
Carrie, Maddie, myself, Sofie, Sam, Logan and Katie
We knew it was time to go home when we found Aubrey Rose had found and applied my lipstick. Had to document first. Then, we had to explain this is not okay. But, it sure was hard not to laugh!
WHEW!!! That was all ONE day!! And a WONDERFUL at that!!