Monday, January 3, 2011

Big girl room

Don't worry...the Christmas 2010 memories will eventually be shared. I promise. If you know me personally, you understand that choosing favorites of ANYTHING is just simply difficult, sometimes impossible. :) Even choosing a favorite color would be hard for me. So, when I have like 500 pictures to choose my favorites of to share with you, making even one decision, let alone decision after decision of my favorites can be a little time consuming. But, don't worry, I will get there. :)

Onto something, I DON'T have to choose from over 500 pictures of. I mentioned we have been busy with house projects around here. This was the sneak peek I gave you yesterday...
Well, here is our little sunshine giving you sneak peek #2...
And now to clear up any curiousity...
We have been working on Aubrey Rose's big girl room little by little. She actually moved into this room the beginning of last summer. Little by little it is coming together.
Aubrey Rose and I like to do our reading in her little window seat.
We have a few more details to complete, but it is coming together.