Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letter J continued...

Letter J might be my favorite memory, so far, of our cousin letter days. I realize you have heard me say that before about almost all the other letters, but the memories just get sweeter and sweeter. And the reason to press on becomes more and more evident. They are learning. They are remembering. They are having fun. We are having fun. Aubrey Rose and Christopher are becoming such adorable friends. And Andrea and I are loving our time together. We make a wonderful team!

To continue with the Letter J, we knew we wanted to focus on JESUS!!! We shared stories about Jesus. We talked about Jesus. And we prayed to Jesus.
We finally had our first new attendee of our cousin day. JEDIDIAH!! Perfect timing Jed! J is for Jedidiah!
For lunch we had Jelly and PB sandwiches and apples, both cut in the shape of a J.
After lunch, we jammed to JINGLE BELLS...

We should really have video taped this. They loved dancing and jamming...
and singing.
We sang and rocked out Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Jesus Loves Me, and Jingle Bell Rock. Oh, they were loving life.
JOY to the world....what a fun day.
Jungle, Jesus, Jedidiah, jelly, jingle, jump, juice, jeans, jam, jacket, jello, jeep, and a lot of JOY!!!