Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pink Brella...

It still amazes me how one day, one lesson, one memory can stick in a little child's mind and NEVER (or at least feels like that at times) leave. A couple of weeks before Christmas, Aubrey Rose and I were out running errands. She saw a pink umbrella. It was an obnoxiously pink, princess umbrella. She wanted it! She wanted it forever! In the store and the whole way home we had to talk about how we don't always get what we want. We also talked about how if you really would like the umbrella you could add it to your wish list. Little did I know this lesson would be brought up EVERY SINGLE DAY until Christmas. Wow!! There were some days, I felt that was ALL Aubrey Rose talked about. "Pink brella" this. "Pink Brella" that. If she did something that disappointed me, she would start crying and say, "Aubrey, no more pink brella????"

She didn't just talk about it. She played with our umbrellas all the time. One day I came downstairs to this...
I didn't even know she knew how to open an umbrella, let alone build a fort out of them!!
Christmas morning came, and guess who were the heroes???

Uncle Aaron and Auntie Christy...yep they stole the show that Christmas morning.

If she was a teenager, she probably would have said..."OMG!!!"
Oh, she was not just happy...
She was absolutely beaming with excitement! With a matching jacket as well!
She talked Oma into going outside and playing following the leader. She insisted that Oma find an umbrella too.
They twirled their umbrellas in their hands...
and on the ground.
But, when Aubrey talked Auntie Christy into coming outside with an umbrella, Auntie Christy took it up a notch and turned on the hose.
Auntie Christy MADE IT RAIN!!!!
Aubrey Rose was LOVIN' life!
What a beginning to a wonderful Christmas morning.

"Please Lord, continue to keep her requests simple forever, like Pink Brellas. Amen." :)


Katie Jane said...

Such a cute post Cherie! Love those simple memories of life that we hope to never forget.