Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Allie!

Often, maybe even daily, I sit and just praise the Lord for the life He has provided and blessed me with. One of those blessings is my brother's wife Allie. It feels like she has been apart of our family for forever. She is a perfect fit for not only for my brother, but for our family. We celebrated the big 2-5 together with dinner and pizookies. Yum, yum!!

Here is Aubrey Rose and Auntie Al-la (as Aubrey Rose calls her)

And the fam!This is the picture we sent to Auntie Al-la earlier on in the day. We had to try to brighten her day since she had to work on her special day! Don't you think everyone should get their birthday off just like a national holiday?!! I think so!