Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet summer memories

As the Summer 2010 comes to an end, something I will remember about this summer will be the swim get togethers we had. Every Friday at 10am some of my dearest friends would bring their kiddos over for some swimming fun. We swam, had lunch, swam some more, ran through the spinklers or played with water toys...just a wonderful time with friends who I have known since our high school days. Now we have multiplied like crazy! :) Here is a picture of us on the last day we got together.
In the picture below (from left): Megan with her boy Jett, Tamara with Alek, then myself and Aubrey Rose, Jo-Linda (kneeling) with Dempsey and her twin boys Lennox and Titus and then Katie S.(standing) with Avery and her oldest daughter Grace (standing next to the twins) We were just missing Katie D., Logan and Luke this day!!

Here are all our kiddos together. I don't even want to think about how this picture will change next summer! They are growing TOO fast!!!At lunch time...sweet summer memories.