Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mom's Birthday

Okay so this post is WAY overdue. I am sure you don't mind. :) Better late, then never, right??First we started the evening celebrating at Events Divine's Grand Opening. From there we went to my parents house where us kids made dinner for Mom.

My precious family...After dinner, we got to WORK! Mom and Aubrey Rose with their work aprons on.
Her birthday request was we help accomplish a fun project she has wanted to finish for quite some time.
Allie, Christy, Aubrey Rose, myself and my mom
My mom wanted to make a mosaic table with plates she had collected. Here we are just getting started in my parents backyard.
Below is Aubrey Rose helping crack the plates.
After we decided on the design, we mixed the plaster stuff and started to glue everything down.
We started about 7ish and here is my mom and I just about finished at about 11:30pm.
Not too shabby for our first time and for only a couple hours of work! And Mom LOVED it!