Monday, September 27, 2010


I can not let last week just slip on by without mentioning one of the highlights of the week! I am a BIG fan of Dancing With The Stars. And my girlfriend, Christina, received 4 tickets to watch the show LIVE! Oh, I was BEYOND THRILLED when she called to invite me. We did a little day trip to Hollywood and we were able to experience the DWTS season premiere last Monday. It was the BEST day!!

We started the morning with being interviewed by Mario Lopez on Extra. Talk about right place at the right time! So fun!! We were able to sit right behind the judges!! They are all super nice, especially Carrie Ann and Bruno. Bruno cracks a lot jokes with the audience through out the show. Carrie Ann is just super sweet, asking questions and talking with the audience and Len is pretty much all business. So fun to watch all of this in action!!!
There are NO cameras and NO cell phones allowed in the DWTS filming room. This is a picture of us after at The Grove. We also got to see Michael Bolton in concert! What a long, but incredibly EXCITING day!! Christina did a post on our fun day too. You can check it out HERE!


Blake and Christina said...

I love going to DWTS with you! So much fun. Love ya girl!!