Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh Carmel...

Oh, how I love you Carmel. :) Backtrack a couple of weeks to Labor Day weekend. We got to get away for a little relaxation. The two Blake's had to work on Saturday, so Aubrey Rose and I left Friday morning and went with my brother, Allie and my cousin Jeremy. We played games, made yummy food at home, entertained Aubrey Rose, she entertained us too and then Saturday evening the Blake's and Christina arrived.

We went to a restaurant that the kids can make their own pizza! It came with a chef hat too! So cute!

Aubrey Rose made her own pepperoni pizza.
It went back to the kitchen to bake and then "Ta-daaaaaaa" as Aubrey Rose says. :)
Sunday we went and visited Blake's parents. They happened to be in town for the weekend for a wedding. The boys picked up a little golf on our friends putting green overlooking Cypress Golf Course (just off 17 Mile Drive). It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Aubrey Rose is not the type to just sit around, so she played with the big boys too. :)
We also got in a little time in the sand.
Jesse made a fire and we made yummy smores. Just part of tradition when visiting Carmel.
The boys had to work on Monday (Labor Day), so we were home Sunday after a quick, but relaxing time in Carmel.