Saturday, September 18, 2010

Letter E

We have made it to E! We started at A and we are still learning and loving it, so we keep on going! There are so many E words, but we focused on Envelope, Egg, Earth, Elephant, Energy and Exercise. For lunch, we had Egg salad sandwiches, edamame and apples cut like an E!

We started with coloring on envelopes. Then, glued the envelopes down in a SPECIFIC shape.
Can you guess what it is going to be??
E is for Envelope!!! HA!!
Onto our Egg Element. They each got an egg.
They got to crack the egg. (This took A LOT of concentration!)
They got to feel the egg.
Pour the egg
Back and forth. Back and forth.
Then, they cracked open a hard boiled egg. And together we made Egg salad sandwiches with the eggs.
Egg salad sandwich, edamame and E's (apples cut in the shape of E) ;)
Christopher shared the SWEETEST prayer for the food and for the people he loves. So precious.
God made ME and the EARTH. We learned about where we lived, where the water is, how much water there is compared to land, where people live on land and how we take airplanes to get to far away places.
Then they showed us what they wanted to teach us. :)
Our final craft was learning about elephants.
Here is our elephant we made. Oh, we also got out a little Energy and did some Exercise! We ran around and also did somersaults. And out of all the fun things we did, guess what Christopher went home and told Daddy he did today. Yep, somersaults! At least there is an E in there! HA!! You never know what they kids will retain and enjoy the most. :)

Another successful and Enjoyable Cousin Day learning letters together.

For F we are going on a Field trip!! Can you guess where??


Anonymous said...

sERIOUSly??? adorable!! JBell