Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brooke's BRIDAL shower!!

It has been a while since I have been to a BRIDAL shower! Not only was I excited to witness the the wedding excitement and bridal bliss again, it was also for one of my dear, dear friends. She helped me so much during our wedding season and was also there at the hospital the morning Aubrey Rose was born. Brooke is such a wonderful friend and a perfect example of a girl who waited for God's perfect timing and His perfect plan for her life. She is FINALLY gets to be a BRIDE! :)
We threw this shower at my parents home. Brooke has kind of become adopted into the Penner family. She often comes to our family holiday get togethers. She is definitely part of our family. LOVE her!! And we LOVE her fiance!!

Matt and Brooke (We asked him to make a guest appearance!) :)
Some of the details of the shower...

Brooke LOVES to cook, so we did a little cooking theme. My mom made crepes for everyone and then at the tables were all the toppings you could choose from. They were DELICIOUS!!
The pretty and delicious fruit options!
The hosts of the shower (with the bride)...Myself, my mom, Brooke, my sister Christy and sister in law Allie.
Brooke, Darlene (Allie's mom) and Allie
My mom, Brooke, myself and my sister Christy
Brooke with her sister and mom
Sweet girlfriends from church