Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter D day complete!

Here is the last part of our Letter D day!
We found this receipe online. Just look for Dirt Cups. It is kind of a receipe you can not mess up. Perfect with 2 year olds!
Take Oreo cookies and smash them up.
Of course sampling the cookies is a necessity!!
Pour in milk
Add a Chocolate pudding package
Add cool whip Add half the Oreo cookies and stir it all up!
Use the other half of cookies and layer in cups....Voila!!
Then, we did another activity called Dime Drop
We first learned about coins. The different sizes, different amounts, different colors, etc.
Showed them how the Dime Drop works
They loved it! The noise when it hit the tin was an extra bonus.

Soooooo exciting!
They were pretty good!
At lunch time we had our favorite Dads show up!!!! Christopher's dad, Jon, is my cousin. I praise God OFTEN for the spouses my cousins have been blessed with. It is such a blessing to have people come into our family who just fit perfectly. I love being wonderful friends with family!!!!
For lunch, we had drumsticks, deviled eggs, dairy and Dorito chips!
Blake showed them the correct way to eat a drumstick. :)
Daddy Dance Party time!!
They rocked out on the Drums too!

We should have taken some video footage! HA!! The still pictures just don't do the fun justice. Fun was had by all!

Time to eat our dessert...Dirt Cups!
Christopher wasn't too sure about eating worms.
Aubrey Rose didn't seem to mind. Not sure if I should worry. :)
LOVED having our dads join in the Letter D day!
We also learned about ducks! Across the street from our house is a "lake." :) We went and fed the ducks.
The ducks were so far away when we got there, so we called them over!
One by one they came and pretty soon we had a bunch to feed!

God brought a Dragonfly to visit too!!
Such a wonderful day!!!!


Karen said...

I can't believe the yogurt isn't Harvest Peach (my favorite, by the way!).

Are you sure you don't want to homeschool??!!

JoAnn said...

this is such a brilliant idea. I found your blog through other blogs from girls who go to the well, and I must say, this idea is great. I'm gonna do it. My kids aren't going to preschool, so I guess I should make up for it. I'll just copy your creative ideas, you know, take the easy train.