Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Movie!!

This morning we had a fun, special outing. Regal Cinemas offer FREE family videos for the summers. This is actually the LAST week! At Edwards Cinema (and the Manchester location too) the movie starts at 10 am and will be shown tomorrow and Thursday (in case you want to go). I would highly recommend the movie and it is FREE entertainment!!
It was a PERFECT movie for our little toddlers. The middle got a little slow (you could tell all the kiddos were getting a little antsy), but all in all it was adorable.

Some of us meeting up at the movies today was happenstance! I love that when that happens! Between us four girls (Jessica, Ashley, myself and Kim) we have 7 GIRLS (2 little ones stayed home this time) plus little Brody! That is A LOT of pink! HA!

After the movie the girls got to pick out a treat at the candy store. Of course they all wanted a PINK one! Oh my goodness!

Not sure where you are from, but here is the link to see if your home town offers FREE movies. But, just remember this is the LAST week! Click HERE!