Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cousin Day!

Today we started what hopefully will begin a wonderful tradition. My cousin and I got our little ones together and we played a little school. :) We decided to start with the letter A. Today we learned about Apples, Ants, Noah's Ark, Angels, and Animals. We had such a FUN time together!! Between Andrea and I we took almost 200 pictures! Ha!! (I will separate the posts because I don't have time to do them all right now! Sorry!)

After watching Leap Frog Letter Factory, we went to "school" to learn about the letter A...We began by making an Apple Pie! They rolled their dough out... Peeled the apples... then, cut the apples... Of course made time for a couple of breaks in between... Then, we added some sugar and flour... And nutmeg and Cinnamon... Stirred it all up... Poured it into the pie pan with the dough on the bottom... Then, put it in the oven to bake!
Their masterpiece! Not the best smiles out of the kiddos, but we all had the best time!
The pie baked, we played, we ate lunch, played some more and then it was time to eat the Apple Pie on our Animal plates!!! EAAAAAAAAT!!!
These two made the day sooooooooo fun!

These two are only 10 days apart. God obviously had a wonderful plan with that! We love it!

(Tomorrow I will continue with some more of our fun Cousin Day!)