Saturday, June 5, 2010 blessed!

Family is such an important part of life. Blake and I are blessed to have both of our families so close to where we live. Both parents live about about a mile (maybe two) away from us. Not only do we live close to each other, we also love being together. Here are a couple of pictures of this past week. Talk about sweet family time.

Auntie Allie (my brother's wife) or as Aubrey Rose says "Al-la!"Auntie B, Aubrey Rose and Mimi (Blake's mom and sister)
Big Papa was so sweet and came out to swim lessons this week!
Aubrey Rose and Opa. They play hide and seek with each other, with a blanket or with stuffed animals. They hide the bunnies (Aubrey is holding) and then the other has to find it. Pretty entertaining for a 2 year old, well and all of us watching. :)

I wish I would have taken more pictures from this past week! Such a blessing!