Friday, June 18, 2010

Gifts that come naturally...

Uncle Aaron and Auntie Christy (my sis) were so sweet to call and ask if Aubrey Rose could come over and play. One of my favorite things about this call was not only that they were asking to have her come over, but also because I knew Aubrey Rose would learn new things at their house. I love that. We are all gifted at different things. Different things come natural to you or to me, which might not feel natural for others.

Uncle Aaron is AWESOME at cleaning his car and my sister's (isn't that so sweet!) on a regular basis. Even in college, he would take his bucket of water out to his car at the dorms and make sure his car was clean on a weekly basis. See what I am telling you???!! Praise the LORD for family and friends who regularly invest time into our little girl. :)
Aubrey Rose helping clean Aunt Christy's car

Thanks Uncle Aaron for being so sweet to Aubrey Rose!
When I picked her up, it was as if her thoughts were flying in her mind, yet the words couldn't slip off her tongue fast enough for everything she wanted to tell me. Even before we turned off their street, she was saying, "Bubbles, wa-wa, vroooooooom, clean, clean...wa-wa, bubbles, Titi (what she calls my sister), vrooooom." She loved it!