Friday, June 11, 2010

A is for Ant!

After making Apple Pie, we ventured outside and went hunting for Ants!! We brought Aubrey Rose’s bug catcher and searched everywhere! I am talking everywhere! I have noticed, since we moved to this house, that I don’t see ants much at our house, but who would have thought we would not be able to find ANY!!! Finally after A LOT of searching we found one, then two and finally three Ants!! It was sweet success. :) I think it might have been even sweeter to see Christopher and Aubrey Rose’s expressions when we finally did find them. So cute!

We went searching high...
and low for Ants...
Who would have thought how difficult this simple task could be??

But, when we finally did find one, it was soooooooooo exciting!!!
It was so fun to watch them crawl everywhere in the bug catcher.
It was so cute how they just watched their every move. So cute!

After hunting and finding Ants, we went inside and did an Ant craft. More tomorrow on this one!