Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hidden talents

That's what I'm talkin' bout!! Do these guys look like engineers or what?!! (Maybe not Michael Jackson in the background...and yes, he is still apart of our decor.) :) Well, Blake held a little class for his buddies. What kind of class? A class on how to bring an XBOX back to life after the DREADED red ring of DEATH!! Blake fixed his own XBOX last year, so here is Blake's experience coming into play.
Below is our wonderful friend Josh (left) and my hilarious brother Jesse both at Blake's class. (Love how my brother purposefully pushed his glasses down to make him look like his is absolutely brillant. Good thing you can't fool everyone Jesse!)

After taking apart, uninstalling, intense cleaning, some overheating (not them, but the XBOX), new screws, new washers, after TONS of patience and determination...these brillant men became XBOX engenieers! Not sure if Josh and Jesse can hold their own class to teach others, but I think they would be able to do a darn good job too because of Blake's great teaching! At least now they have a refurbished XBOX to prove their hidden talents. (Okay, okay...they all watched the youtube video on how to bring the XBOX back to life.) Hey, it worked!!!


The Garud's said...

Leave it up to the guys to fix their XBOX!! That is funny...they couldn't just let it die!! haha