Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LOVE swim lessons!

Not only is it a blessing to watch your child learn more, it is a huge bonus to enjoy friendships at the same time! I am going to miss swim lessons!

When the pool is near, it is tough to get these girls to stay still! Ha! Here is Audrey, Aubrey Rose, Taylor and Peyton at swim lessons. So fun! Audrey and Aubrey Rose...oh, that scrunchy nose smile again. That girl. :)


Ashley Patricio said...

We love swim lessons too! We are so sad that they are over mostly because the girls just love playing in the water with Aubrey. It has been so fun getting to see your smiling faces so often. Now we need a new excuse to play weekly:)

Karen said...

Hi Cherie! I just happened across this other blog, and she's got a fun craft for the letter "B". If you haven't done "B" yet, check this out:


I couldn't link to the specific post, but it's from June 24th. Have fun with your little Aubrey Rose!! I'm so thankful you have the blog so that
we can watch her grow, and also see you be an amazing Mommy...isn't it the best?!

Love to you all--

P.S. I tried emailing this to you, but it got returned...hmmm.