Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lunch time fun

I praise the Lord on a regular basis for Blake's work being no more than two minutes away from our home. (No exaggeration.) If he hits the one light just right, he might even make it under a minute. :) LOVE it!! One of the biggest blessings from this, is he is able to come home for most lunches.
The other day, Blake even had a few extra minutes to play cars with Aubrey Rose.

Daddy made some roads for the cars with tape... Oh, Aubrey Rose was lovin' life!

Sometimes it was kind of difficult to understand the concept that just the cars were supposed to be on the streets. Aubrey REALLY giggled when the cars had to find different routes to get back onto the main highways. On another day, Daddy decided to eat his lunch with Aubrey Rose at her little table.
LOVE lunch times with Daddy!!!