Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer BBQ's

Here are a few pics from a little summer bbq we had with my family. One of my cousins and his family came into town for the weekend, so we took advantage and got together. There were definitely a lot of family we missed seeing that night, but we had a pretty good turn out for only a two day notice! HA!!

This is Aubrey Rose and my brother Jesse
Aubrey Rose eating peaches. Good thing she is a HUGE fan of them!!
My cousin's wonderful wives...Becca and Arris (with Arris and David's little one Jadon)

Some of the guys starting from the left...David (cousin), Eric (Allie's dad), Jeremy (cousin), Blake and my brother Jesse
Darlene (Allie's mom), and cousins Jeremy, Chelsey and Becca
Aubrey Rose and my mom
These three got in a little water b-ball too!
Times like these make me miss all our Canada family!!! We sure are blessed though to live so close to these ones!!!