Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More for the Letter B

What's next??? Can you guess from the picture below what our next word is that starts with B???

You got it...a BUS!

We started with "The Wheels On the Bus" video. I just googled the song and choose the video I liked the best. This might have been their favorite part of the day. HA! Every time it finished they would ask for "More, More."
They loved it!!!! They watched it three times and then we...

made our own bus!!
They glued on the wheels and the pictures of our passengers onto our Bus.

We found the letters B-U-S and stuck them on our bus.
And here are our results...

Then, onto lunch! Can you guess what we made???
Bean Burritos!

Good thing we had PLENTY of Cheese. We didn't quite expect these two to want to move onto the Letter C so quickly! HA!

Both reaching for the cheese. HA!

Here's our lunch...Bean Burrito, Broccoli Salad and Bananas One cute memory for us from that day is they were in the sunroom and they came sprinting into the kitchen where we were yelling, "Ant, Ant!!!" (If you remember we hunted for ants and did an ant craft when we learned the Letter A!) They brought us to the corner and...
got down low to show us a.....BUG!!! HA! It wasn't an ant, but sure enough, there was a BUG! Perfect!! B is for BUG!!! It was super cute.
We are LOVING these memories!!