Friday, July 16, 2010

Definitely a summer highlight!

One of our highlights this summer so far, definitely was swim lessons. We are all done with them now, but I still had some pictures I wanted to post. As I mentioned in a previous post, swim lessons was worth every penny we spent! We LOVED it!
Us three moms were blessed to be able to coordinate to have our classes at the same time. Here is Katie, Ashley and myself with our kiddos.

It was a BIG bonus when Daddy got to come watch Aubrey Rose at her lesson.
Aubrey had 10 (30 min) private lessons. Below is Brooke. She was Aubrey Rose's instructor. We LOVED her! She gave her hugs, fives, kisses, so much encouragment, yet pushed her in ways I really don't think I could do as her mommy. LOVED Brooke! Aubrey Rose was a HUGE fan of her too! She would wake up and beg to go see Miss Brooke! So sweet!

Aubrey Rose LOVED jumping off the diving board. Now she does it at home all the time too! Similar to the videos I posted earlier now she has taken it a step further and jumps off the diving board into our deep end, then swims to the steps by herself. She loved the slide too! They had an adorable awards ceremony where Taylor and Aubrey Rose received medals for being "Jan Thomas' Newest Champion Swimmer!"
We already miss swim lessons, but we really miss having something on a regular basis that we get to see these friends! Already can't wait for next year!!