Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas at the Woods'

For the fourth year in a row we have enjoyed starting our Christmas festivities at the Woods' home.  They are wonderful family friends of ours.
This year did not disappoint.    
Santa makes a special appearance.
 This is where Austin spent most of his time when Santa was in the house.  HA! 
 Santa read the children a special book
When this little boys name was called,
this is what he did.
 Then, he just turned on his charm.
That Smittcamp charm.  :)
Santa called each child and gave them a gift. 
This little girl was the last one called and she was as patient as could be.

As Santa was leaving, Austin ran out of the house and yelled to Santa…
"One more hug Santa!!!  One more hug!"
Santa was so sweet to agree.
The evening continued with the performance of the true reason for Christmas.
Look who were Joseph and Mary.  :)
Auntie BB was the narrator
2013 cast mates.
We were just missing Blake's brother that night!
Oh, these two.
I love pictures like these!
These too!
LOVE both of these ladies!!
Fun, fun night!!