Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We are multiplying!

Between weddings and babies, our families are multiplying like crazy.  So fun!!  Ever since Aubrey Rose was born in 2008, my cousin and I have gotten our little ones together to take pictures of them on Halloween.  Here are Aubrey Rose and Christopher in...


For our 2011 Halloween picture, a lot changed.
Our cousins have multiplied...VERY quickly!

My sweet nephew Jed was added last year...  (+1)
My cousin, David and his wonderful family moved back to Fresno....  (+2)
Of course, you know, God blessed us with Austin... (+1)
Then, little Symphony was added to this fun family... (+1)

Which brings us to our 2011 Halloween picture...
Yep, in one year, we went from two cousins to SEVEN!!  LOVE it!


Karen said...

Dang! I thought this was a pregnancy announcement!! You don't know how quickly I scrolled to read through all this!

Anonymous said...

YOU COULDN'T HAVE WRITTEN THIS ANY MORE PERFECT!!! LOVE IT! My draft title is "From 2 to 7", but I LOVE how you laid this all out! So cute and so perfect!!! ;)