Friday, September 2, 2011

Love those peaches!!

Peach season is still in full swing over here.  At our house, peaches have been offered with almost every meal and snack lately.   We say, "Yummy in our Tummy!!"  :)  I love opening my fridge and seeing a box of fresh peaches...  

I also LOVE opening my freezer and seeing these from TRADER JOE'S!!!

 Of all the products Wawona produces, these Peach and Strawberry Pops (pictured above) MIGHT be my FAVORITE and Trader Joe's sells them!!  There is no sugar added too!  DELICIOUS!!

We have been having fresh peaches, frozen peaches, Peach Pops, peaches dipped in cool whip, peaches with cottage cheese, peaches in our desserts, we even made our delicious peach crisp....YUMMY in our tummy!

And just in case you are wondering, none of us have gotten tired of peaches. :)  Maybe we would get tired of peach season if it was all year long (you know...burning the candle at both ends can't last forever), but as far as peaches, we are big fans of having them any time of the year!  :)


Karen said...

We LOVE Wawona, I mean Trader Joe's, Peach Pops! I saw the Strawberry Pops and wondered if Wawona made I know!

Karen said..., seriously. We have at least 4 boxes in our freezer right now.