Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All boy

This little guy LOVES the outside.  Waaaaaaaaay different than our little girl.  Aubrey Rose just recently started to enjoy getting dirty in the dirt.  She used to stand on the cement to put her shovel in the dirt or if she happened to have her feet (always in shoes of course) in the dirt she would squat her legs without sitting her bottom on the ground.  It always cracked me up.  This is definitely not the case with her brother.  
He is all boy.  This little boy loves everything about the dirt, even eating it.  
When those doors open, he wants out.  If I don't let him out, he screams and screams.  

When he does get to go out, he doesn't need food or drink, he just plays and get really dirty for an amazingly long time.  
He loves it and so do we.  :)


The Penner Clan said...

Great post! Don't let your kid teach mine how to eat dirt ok!