Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting our swim on!

We have been swimming a ton already.  Aubrey and Austin have finished their swim lessons.  Aubrey was learning "high arms" strokes this year and Austin, well, that little boy wasn't quite a fan yet.  Let me rephrase.  He is a HUGE fan of splashing and playing in the water.  He is not a fan of swimming and swim lessons.  That was expected being only a year and four months.
 He cried throughout every single lesson and he even cried when they gave him his award for being a "Champion Swimmer."  :)
  However, at home, he is all smiles splashing and playing in the water.
 Big Sister was helping Austin put on sunscreen.  They are starting to get the routine down pretty good.
 Aubrey has been finding little friends in our backyard.  Here are 2 of her baby frogs she found.  She calls them her "new pet."  They are both named, "Froggie."  HA!  I love the creativity.  :)

The kids with my cousins....
and Oma and Opa.
LOVE this one of Big Papa and Austin!
 We are LOVING the summer time!!