Monday, September 10, 2012

Enjoying our routine...

We back in full swing over here with school.  
We all love it.  Aubrey Rose absolutely loves school.  
She loves her teacher.  She loves her friends.  
She loves learning.  
She is going to school 3 days a week in the mornings.  
We walk to school each morning.  
Most days Aubrey rides her bike.  
Sometimes she chooses to ride in the stroller next to her brother.
Every day, we stop and check the peaches.  
They are sooooo close to being picked.  
Any day now!
 After we drop Sissy off at preschool, Austin and I continue on for a little longer adventure,
 which usually ends us at the park, which makes this boy a very happy, little guy.
 When Aubrey was little she loved to go up to the highest slide, but when she got to the top, she froze.  I think it was a little LOT higher than she thought.  She quickly changed her mind and would not go down the slide.  This little boy has NO FEAR at all!!  Forget the little slides, he wants the biggest, tallest, longest slides and he goes right down...loving every second of the "weeeeeeeeeeee."  No fear!
I have been loving our extra time together, 
just Austin and Mommy.  
 And just like last year Daddy picks Aubrey up on his golf cart 
and every now and then she gets spoiled with extra friends to pick her up!  
Thanks Big Papa!!!