Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dear Aubrey

Sweet Aubrey Rose,
Your contagious giggle.
Your adorable smile.
Your silly personality.

The way you love and care for your favorite brother.
You entertain him.
You protect him.
You love on him.
You play with him and chase him around the house and make him giggle almost more than anyone else.
Your are the best big sissy.
God knew you would be the perfect big sissy for Austin.  
He sure is lucky and blessed.
You are like a little mommy when it comes to any baby, 
but especially your little cousins.
Riley lights up when you even come near.
It melts my heart!

 Most days you love going to school.  I say most because it is sometimes tough to get you out the door.  Sometimes you tell me you don't want to go to school because "School is a lot of WORK." I would not consider you to be a morning person.  However, the second you get to school you are so excited to be there.  You are excited to see your teacher and all of your friends.  
We sure love you sweet girl!!
Happy 4th birthday to my favorite little girl!!