Monday, July 13, 2015

The 4th...Fun, Friends, Family and Fireworks

In 2006, so 9 years ago, our 4th of July tradition began.  
The twins were born, but other than that no babies were in the mix.
Fast forward to this year, 2015, 
a lot is still the same.
Our friendship continues to be so special.
Each of these girls were bridesmaids in my wedding.
Some things are the same,
but a BIG change since 2006 is...
we have MULTIPLIED! 
A total of 15 kids now call us Mom.
It melts our hearts when we see our kids 
bonding with each others kids.
We pray our kiddos will have Godly, dear friendships forever,
just as we have been blessed with.

The Fourth of July never disappoints. 
It is just wonderful, family fun!

Jed and Austin 
 My cousin Luke and his adorable family
 My brother and his wonderful family
 One of the silliest boys I know.  :)
 Auntie Blair with her favorite niece and nephews
 Our family of 5!
 Dad's club
 See...I told you he is super silly.  
I said give me a pose and this is what I get. HA!
 Jesse and Jed
 Blake and Austin
 Dinner time!
 Cousin time!
 My favorite three fireworks.  :)
Our favorite 4th of July crew...