Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aubrey Rose is 15 months!

Aubrey Rose will be fifteen months tomorrow. Time is flying! Our little girl is growing up, we think, even faster these days. Daily I am starting to notice new things Aubrey Rose can accomplish on her own. And just between you and me...she probably shouldn't have shown me what she is now capable of because as I like to tell is on! We are stepping up your responsibilities little one! The other day I came around the corner and she was into something she should not be doing. She looks at me and then frantically started putting each item back in the drawer where it belongs. She definitely knows! Her words are starting to expand more and more each day. The other day she came up to me and said, "HIII Mommy!" It was so precious. She runs everywhere she goes. She is my busy little bee. She loves to climb on things. She has become a little lover. Recently, she walked up to one of my friends little boys and gave him a hug and padded his back. So precious! Aubrey Rose has been learning how to swim. (I am pretty impressed what a 15 month old can already do!) She absolutely LOVES the water! This is by far her favorite thing to do. She can be busy playing with her toys and hears the faucet turn on and she says "Wa-Wa." Whether it is a big loud fountain or just a little puddle on the ground, she says "Wa-Wa" and then usually puts out her arms as though asking, "Can I go play in it?" One of my favorite words she says in sign language is please. It melts my heart when the work we have been plugging away at day in and day out, begins to come together. She is loving her books right now. She loves to open and close them, turn the pages and then pick out a different book to do the same thing to. Ever since our New York trip when Aubrey stayed at Uncle Jesse and Aunt Allie's, Aubrey definitely knows what sound a dog makes. Due to their dogs, Bud and Princess Jazmine waking her up and barking at all kinds of things, she now says "Woof, Woof" almost all day long. Every dog she sees, or hears, she gets an excited look on her face and says "Woof, Woof." Even when she sees horses, she says "Woof, Woof." It is pretty entertaining!

Aubrey Rose loves to play hide and seek. Her favorite part, for sure, is when she is being chased around the house. Oh, her giggle can make me smile all day, any day! Here is a video of Aubrey's BEST and FAVORITE place to hide.

Aubrey loves to dance to the music. You can say, "Aubrey can you dance" and she shimmies her little body side to side. Here is a video of some of her moves as we were driving home from the wedding in LA a couple of weekends ago. Sorry for the bumpiness...driving isn't always the easiest to keep the camera still. I love her rosy cheeks after she wakes up from her nap!

We continue to praise God for choosing us to be Aubrey Rose's parents. We love you sunshine!


Ahlem Family said...

What a cutie! We miss you guys and can't wait to get the kids together.