Monday, June 22, 2009

Our little fishy!

Aubrey Rose has been taking swim lessons the last two weeks. I remember driving to the first lesson thinking "Why am I doing this? A 15 month old can't swim." Boy, was I surprised!!! It was so much fun to see the progression over two weeks. The week started with her hugging my neck as tight as possible along with the "not so happy face." She wasn't crying, but just ready to be done. By the end of the two weeks, Aubrey Rose would squeal when she saw the house we took lessons at. As we walked up the driveway holding hands, I felt her picking up her pace, practically running, as she was saying, "Wa-Wa!" Then, while swimming she couldn't get out of my arms fast enough. She would lean forward and try to dunk herself wanting to swim more, more, more! She learned to jump off the side of the pool and then swim to me. Her favorite was to swim to the steps, then celebrate by splashing the "Wa-Wa" everywhere! Her expressions were priceless! We definitely have enough video footage of our little fishy!

Here is Aubrey Rose holding on so tight to me at the beginning of the week...

and the "not-so happy face"...

By the end of the week..."this is the best day ever" expression

Splish, Splash "Wa-Wa" EVERYWHERE

Our little fishy!

Here is Miss Kim and Audrey...Aubrey and Audrey are only a couple of months apart. Kim and I are already hoping they will be the best of friends just like their mommies!

Aubrey Rose had quite the entourage show up to see our little fish swim. Mimi and Aunt B...thanks not only for coming, but for the cute swimsuit too!!

Oma and Opa

And it was such a treat to have Daddy too! Daddy and I are so proud of you Aubrey Rose!!!