Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ending October with a bang!

I have said it before here, but I have decided yet again that holidays are so much MORE fun to experience along side a child, especially when it is your own little one. This year, Aubrey Rose was an adorable ladybug, our little LOVE bug.

My cousin Jon and his wife Andrea brought their little boy over which has become a wonderful tradition to get these two together. They are only 10 day apart!
Look at how much they have grown in a year!!! The picture below is October 2008. I wish these two would just listen to their mommies and stop growing so quickly. It is definitely bittersweet! LOVE these two little ones!

My other cousin Chelsey came over too. I HAD to get some of her and our Aubrey Rose. I just LOVE seeing those two together!

My parents with Aubrey Rose

How precious is this picture below!! Definitely a new favorite of them.

Then, the three of us got dressed for the fun evening. It was a family dress up event, so we decided to get creative and this is what we came up with! It turned out cute, but I never knew how awkward it would be to be in a box for an evening! Ha!

For the evening, we went to Garrett and Ashley’s house and had a blast! Here are a few pictures of the festivities…
The first house we went to, the girls thought we were going inside the home. They quickly figured out how much fun trick or treating could be.

Aubrey Rose just held her box everywhere she went. It was so cute.

Then the ladies chatted till late in the night, the husbands played whiffle ball and the little ones...

they had so much fun playing, bonding and giggling until the night had to come to an end.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how you had last years picture, I meant to do that too. Can you believe the difference! Oh, so fun to have this tradition.