Monday, November 30, 2009

Just a peek...

Do you remember my post a while back talking about our next couple of months, looking at our calendar and feeling a little overwhelmed? Well, we are living those CRAZY days right now!
We just got back from our vacation to Maui. We had a FANTASTIC time! We went with Blake's family and soaked up the memories together. It was wonderful. We are home now and I know you understand how it is...back to reality quickly! I am feeling, at times, just a touch overwhelmed with too many things on my list of to-do's lately. I only have a moment to blog. I have A LOT to catch you up on though. I promise I will be back. Until then, I want to leave you with just a peak at from the past couple of weeks we have enjoyed.

Aubrey Rose continues to be such a JOY! She LOVES bubbles in the bath!
Aubrey Rose is CRAZY about "VROOOOOOOM" cars. Any kind of cars! Uncle Brad even let her drive in his fancy car! I think she might be the only other person that has sat in that seat. HA!

A BIG, BIG project is complete! This is a little old news around here but I still look at it every day thankful for it being done. My mom and I (but pretty much just my mom) stained my dining room table and chairs! This table and chairs came from my first house almost 8 years ago. We bought the house as-is and this table was left! I have ALWAYS wanted it dark and my mom (Praise the Lord for my mom!) helped me with all the hours upon hours upon hours of work! Sooooo exciting! I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks Mom!!

For Thanksgiving, I cooked my FIRST turkey!!

We celebrated with my extended family a few days before. It was such a wonderful time together.

And then for the grand finale...this is what we did for an entire week!! Ahhhh...the Maui life!!

Mimi and Aubrey Rose soaking up the view together

This picture seriously looks fake to me! This was our view looking out of our hotel window. And then looking down....
And then from that same pool, precious and fun memories were made. I just LOVE these two!
Much more to come!! I promise! I just had to get a little on here for you to preview and for you to want to come back! This was just a peek...


trevor said...

I love reading your blog, my friends! 2/3 of your family is so adorable!