Thursday, December 10, 2009

LOVE girl time!

Lately I have been able to enjoy a couple of girl nights! Here are a few pics from the fun!

Ashley, myself, Katie and Christina...we ate at Pane and had a WONDERFUL time chatting and catching up!

More babies are coming! The other night we celebrated Katie D. and the upcoming arrival of baby Luke. These three girls below...Katie, Jo-Linda and Tamara...we go WAY back to the high school days. I love friendships that have spanned over so many seasons together.
Jen, Katie, Jessica and myself...we are all blessed to be in a couples bible study together this year. And when I say blessed...I mean BLESSED!! Blake and I LOVE this group!
Katie, her sister Ann, her mom Margo and her sister Lisa. I LOVE these Papi ladies! Below are such special ladies as well. Annie, Katie (holding Erica's little guy Gunnar), Jo-Linda, Megan, Tamara, Erica and myself. Here are more of the girls from the high school days. I am still amazed at how many people Blake and I are in constant contact with from high school. Our class rocked! HA!