Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tacky Christmas party!!

I have officially been to my first "TACKY" party! And it was a riot!! I loved it!! The invitation came late (like 2 days before the party)...totally is tacky, right? It is bring your own dish...absolutely hilarious what some people brought! The winner was the person who brought a plate of McDonald's chesse burgers. The outfits were hilarious. Blake and my sweaters were put the shame the second I saw the other "outfits" people came up with. Hilarious! One guy shaved and bicked his head, but only on the top part, just above his ears. The plates and silverware all didn't match. There were Christmas lights hung from the ceiling. It was just great! Parties at Jon, Andrea and Christopher's house NEVER disappoint!

Thanks Jon, Andrea and Christopher for hosting!

On the left, my sister and Aaron, in the middle, my cousin Jon and wife Andrea and then Blake and I. Don't we all look good?!

I really shouldn't like this picture, but I do! HA!

These are friends of ours, Brodie and Jen. They are the best and they have the cutest kids!