Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning began early for us. We were at Blake's parents house by 8...
eating breakfast,
a visit by Grandpa Smittcamp,
opening gifts,
boxes and wrapping paper everywhere,
lots of thank you's, oooo's and aaaaahhh's,
tons of excitement and expressions from Aubrey Rose,
wonderful family time together.

Just a year ago...Christmas 2008...I can hardly believe how quickly kids grow.
Aubrey Rose with her new stocking Mimi handmade for her! Aubrey Rose, Mimi and Big Papa

Auntie Blair was showing her how to pose with her hands on her hip. You know, like the celebrities! Here is Aubrey Rose trying to copy Aunt B.
And then these priceless expressions...

Aubrey Rose LOVES her new tea set. Come on over ANY time and she would love to have tea with YOU!

A bowling ball set made with adorable penguins from Mimi and Big Papa
I LOVED our new leopard plates Linda picked out for us!
About 9:30 we were back at my parents house...
eating breakfast together,
celebrating Jesus' birthday,
reading stories,
laughing, having fun with my cousins,
relaxing, sharing,
singing Away in the Manger,
loving family time.
At noon we were back to Mimi and Big Papa's house...
opening gifts,
wrapping paper everywhere,
adorable excitement from Aubrey Rose,
celebrating with aunts, uncles and grandparents from Linda's side,
sharing stories,
catching up,
more sweet family memories together.

Oh, my "cheeeeeesey" smiley girl...I just love her! Aubrey Rose in her new jacket from Uncle Gary that mommy and daddy LOVE!

Aubrey Rose got a baby doll from MomMom and PopPop (Linda's parents) is her new love...
She was more than excited!

Christmas evening we celebrated at Blake's uncles house with the Smittcamp's...
Absolutely delicious dinner,
Extended family time,
Adorable kids to be entertained by,
Wonderful cousins,
and one TIRED little girl from all the days festivities.
Goodness, if only pictures could talk...
However, all those little talks to try to reason with Aubrey Rose simply drift out of my mind when I see her sweet smiles in these pictures.

I know could this sweet angel make any kind of fuss? If you look closely at Aubrey Rose (in the picture below) you can see a little of how excited she was to be sitting CALM at the table. Not sure if it is obvious or not, but this would not be the time to be running and playing around the beautiful house. But, hey we made it!Here is Aubrey Rose's "CHEEEEEESE" smile with Aunt Blair
I am so thankful we have this picture with Grandpa Smittcamp. Aubrey Rose is so blessed to have such a wonderful GREAT-grandpa!
Nicole and Aubrey Rose showing their talents.
Cousins...Aubrey Rose, Nicole and Jack The night ended early...
Aubrey Rose was in bed by 7:30
After four Christmas celebrations in one day,
it didn't take us too much longer to make our way to bed.
We all slept good that night.
We are so blessed and thankful for the sweet memories of Christmas 2009.